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I woke up with energy this morning. My eyes literally flew open with exuberance when my alarm started ringing at 5:15am. Sometimes it’s hard for me to accept that I still work at the coffee shop, I mean it’s been almost seven years (off and on). It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’ve been off to wander sets on big motion pictures in faraway place. Today I was determined to see the positive and the reason I’ve manifested my long term stay/return to my second home. I wasn’t particularly upset about it today, though I had been last week. I had to remind myself the schedule works out with my life’s other ambitions of writing a novel series and working with horses. I do not look at the coffee shop as a career. It’s the catalyst to my bigger dreams. But I also believe that it can serve great purpose to my writing. I am surrounding by a myriad of unique people 6 hours a day, listening and absorbing all their different personalities. I have been supplied a great education by my position there. I have learned about the interworking of so many different personalities. All you have to do is listen, and consider in aftermath.

I have been happily overwhelmed with research for my books and fell asleep with my head spinning from all the information I’ve been finding. Two of my regulars are well versed in history and philosophy, so I was really very excited to talk to them about my new findings. Of course they showed up and each offered an extensive conversation. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be talking about my story with other people of like mind and more experience. This is why I work there. 

So next time you think you are at a dead end job that serves no better purpose for you than to pay your bills, look deeper. Look past physical demand for the connection with your surroudings. Everything in your reality has a purpose, now play hidden object and find them all :) 

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